Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspired with KALOCSAI

When I'm looking for an inspiration for decorating eggs I often look for embroidery designs.With these Easter eggs I was inspired by a beautiful embroidery pattern called "Kalocsai". This beautiful embroider is even worn by many world-famous celebrities, like Iker Casillas - Real Madrid's goalkeeper, F1 McLarren members Lewis Hamilton and Jesen Button. Even Nicole  Kidman was recently spotted in a beautiful dress with the Kalocsai embroidery.

 More about Kalocsai on Wikipedia HERE.


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    1. Koszi :) Láttam a tiéidet is. Nagyon aranyosak és természetesek. Mivel fested? Hagyma héjával?

  2. Wow. Interesting paint .:)