Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter eggs decorated with bobbin lace and crocheted Easter eggs

Sometimes, people were searching for Easter eggs decorated with bobbin lace on my  blog. I don´t make them but here are some wonderful pieces that Mrs. Dana Mihulková from Slovakia makes.

Vert csipkével díszített húsvéti tojás. Dana Mihulková munkája Szlovákiából.

Another types of decorated eggs what I want to share with you are
crocheted Easter eggs. After the crochet of the eggs the eggshells are broken and remove. But before the removing don´t forget the 
completed work to starch. The next Easter eggs made Mrs. Zuzana
Kubeková from slovakia.
Horgolt Húsvéti tojás. Zuzana Kubeková munkája Szlovákiából.

The last type of eggs what I would like to present are colored by nature.

bobbin lace, vertcsipke, paličkovaná čipka

some decorated eggs with straw, szalmás húsvéti tojás, slamené kraslice


  1. Super jaja.Piękne. Nie mam cierpliwości do jajek. Gratuluję.Te niebieskie cudne są.

  2. Wow!! I am impressed, what a wonderful work!

  3. I love the idea of the crochet easter eggs, fabulous!

    I hope you visit my blog and see what I have also

    Regards, CouchCrochetCrumbs


  4. I am Dana Mihulková, the author of these Easter eggs designs, and I am from the Czech Republic, not from the Slowak Republic :-)
    See my new web - www.mihulkova.lace.cz

    Best regards!
    D. Mihulková

  5. Is there a written pattern for the eggs crochet with the egg

  6. Try to contact the author Dana Mihilkova She added the link to her site over your comment :-)

  7. Any one know the best way to get the egg shell out of the crocheted covers???? thanks

    1. Just broke the eggshell with a fine stick or crochet 2 half pieces of egg and sew them together

    2. Just broke the eggshell with a fine stick or crochet 2 half pieces of egg and sew them together