Saturday, November 6, 2010

Carved Easter eggs

I know that you are preparing for a Christmas, but I am already making Easter eggs for the next spring. Of course I am a creative woman and along with my work I am preparing for the Christmas also. The next I would like to surprise you with the eggs decorated in Christmas style. The eggs on this photo are in rustic style. They are carved on brown eggs for an antique rustic style.

                            Winter still is dreaming
                             Of snow and icicles,
                             As we put away our swimsuits,
                             Our boats and bicycles.
                             Wisps of smoke from chimneys
                             Tell of cozy, crackling fires.
                              Fall is being born,
                              As summer now retires.


  1. Wow! Beautiful eggs! I love them. They look so delicate.

  2. Очень красиво! Тонкая работа.

  3. otschen sposíbo and Thank you :)))))

  4. Nem tudok mást mondani, hihetetlenül szépek! Gratulálok!!!