Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bobbin lace pattern for the beginners

This cute bobbin lace patter is easy and good for the beginners.
You can make it and use like a picture or apply on a cute bag or cushion or a tablecloth.
The free bobbin lace pattern  you can download from here.


  1. What a lovely patterns.
    I'm starting bobbin lace maker (second year)
    I wanted to download the pattern, but it don't work.
    Can you please send it by e mail to me?
    Thanks in advance
    I can send other patterns to you.


  2. I modified the permission of this pattern and I hope it is downloadable from now. I m going to send you via mail too. I will be glad for your pattern Patrícia. I hope I can share your pattern or your work too here on this blog . Here you can find more pattern from my blog.

    Thank you for visit of my blog and I´m happy to be useful for you :)