Monday, June 28, 2010

Wicker baskets from recycled newspaper

In the last few day you could notice that the whole world is concerned about the World cup in South Africa. The media are showing it everywhere in TV, on the internet, in the newspapers and magazines. But what to do with newspapers which you have already read? I want to show you the work friend of mine - Judit Zsingorova Janekova from Slovakia, who makes wickerwork from newspapers: baskets, sculptures, wreaths,vases. With this way she takes care of the nature two times. The first way when she recycles newspapers and second way when she doesn´t damage the trees. Enjoy her work!


Although this site is in slovak language I hope you will understand the steps of creating these wickerworks


HUN - Újságpapírból készult kosárkák és szobrok. Judit Zsingorova Janeková alkotása.
A fent lévo linkeken találhatók a leírások és fotók hogyan lehet újságpapírból kosarat fonni.

SLO - Košíky a sošky pletené z novinového papiera. Práca Judity Zsingorovej Janekovej.
Kliknutín na vyššie uvedené linky môžete vidieť opisy a fotky postupu ako pliecť košíky z novinového papiera. 
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  1. This work is so beautiful! Made fron old newspaper - how wonderful.